Saturday, December 19, 2009 Beta 2

Since the beta launch of the website, we've had a few bugs reported and some improvements suggested. 

Today, we pushed out another release "Beta 2" of the website that hopefully fixes some of those bugs.  There has been some major code refactoring, and the file size of the entire application has dropped by about 25%. 

Please let me know if you encounter any new issues with the features that require video recording or video watching (Blog, Private Messaging, Talk Posts, etc).


Thursday, November 5, 2009

What is is a social-networking and learning site for people with disabilities. The site has been built from the ground up with the requirements of young adults with special needs. The site is a collaboration between the SouthWest Institute for Families and

The site features:
  • User profiles
  • User Avatars
  • Friends
  • User Blogs (Video, and Text with Text-to-Speech) and commenting
  • User Photo Gallery
  • User Video Gallery
  • User Bookmarks
  • User-to-User messaging
  • Member Forum (Video, and Text with Text-to-Speed) and commenting
  • Learn section with interesting videos.
This blog will serve as a conduit for the site administrators and developers to communicate new developments and announcements to the community of parents, teachers, and caretakers who will be helping the users of this site.

Please send all comments and feedback to Beta

I am pleased to announce that after one year of planning and development by the team at Kilometer0 and SouthWest Institute for Families, is not in Beta and ready to be used and tested by willing participants.

To participate in the beta, please visit

Registration is free.

Please send any bugs and feedback to